Lady Gaga

I’ve thought highly of Lady Gaga for quite some time now. I remember seeing her perform on a small balcony in a small club years ago before she had made it big. Her career had started taking off in Canada and I had heard of her while I was there performing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I remember watching her come in to the club with a one-of-a-kind outfit, special sunglasses that said her name, and a cane-like septor or something that had a glowing shape on top of it. I don’t even know what the thing was, but it was cool! The thing that I took away from the whole performance is how much she committed…no matter the size of the ‘stage’ or venue. She sold it.

A little later, she did a performance on American Idol, and she was under the weather. There was a moment on stage where the camera did a close up of her face, and there was an intensity in her eyes that changed with the choreography. She kicked it in to high gear. She sold it.

Remember when Lady Gaga performed “The Hills Are Alive”? Yea… people were doubting her ability as a ‘singer’ since she was a Pop artist with Pop music. Well any true singer can tell if a person has a ‘voice’ or not, regardless of the music. You can hear auto tune. Lady Gaga is a singer, hands down, and she won over critics after that performance. She sold it.

Remember the time she sang the National Anthem? She came out in that awesome red pant suit that sparkled and fun eye make up. Once again, people doubting her as a singer with talent. What did she do? She killed it. She sold it.

Last, there is the Super Bowl 51 performance. She had said she was preparing from that moment since she was 4 years old. Lucky for her, drones now exist, lol. Also, we are super developed with abilities to make the near impossible, possible, and fly from the roof of the stadium to the ground. Just sayin…not quite sure Michael Jackson had those same things available to him. Who knows if he would have even done that though. The girl is a badass. I did notice how she turned her head as she had landed on the platform and put her hands on her hips, commanding the audience attention looked very similar to Michael’s. I think she did it to honor him. But that’s just my opinion. Lady Gaga set the stadium on fire and made people who were watching at home, all stop taking and watch. She sold it.

It would be funny if I told you that I didn’t like Lady Gaga, lol. Well, the truth is… I love her. I think she’s awesome. I think she takes criticism and throws it in people’s faces. I may not agree with every outfit choice, all her decisions she’s ever made in her life, or every song. But that doesn’t matter. I appreciate talent, fight and drive.

Get it Gaga. I salute you.

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