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I wrote "Take Back" in the shower and in the car. Everyone has been stereotyped, except for me, right? Wrong. Who hasn't been stereotyped? I got tired of people assuming who I am... I am blonde, so I must be dumb. I live in Vegas, so I must be a 'you-know-what'. I must be a daddy's girl and have daddy's money. Everything must have been handed to me. Just because of my looks, people assume my life has been easy, or that I am a b*tch or a sl*t. All those things could not be further from the truth. So I got mad... and wrote about it.

I wrote "Kiss My ATL Goodbye" after living in Las Vegas for quite some time and working in the service industry as a cocktail waitress. The only reason I was ever a cocktail waitress to begin with was to not only finance my music, but to take care of my mom, grandma, and myself. The economy tanked; mom lost her job; grandma lost her home; Christie went to work. Being a server on the strip was an absolute blessing - but I will get in to that on a separate post. I changed companies to go to a different venue.... I worked at said venue for a summer, and when it came back to audition time for the job again the next year, the company did not hire me back. I don't know if it was because I wasn't bff's with the bosses, didn't have big breasts, not their version of sexy enough, or what the reason was. I knew it wasn't because of my work ethic or customer service, that's for sure. So, naturally, I was mad..... and if you listen to the lyrics, I relate it to a relationship. In the video, I kept the 'relationship' theme to keep the song universal and appeal to a wider audience. I really am a happy person, I swear!

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