Music is the language of the world! I honestly do not know of anyone who does not like some kind of music. How magical is that?!

The Power of Music

As I am moving forward with my career in the music industry, I am always thinking of the future. And that not only means success, but also what comes after and along with success. I am constantly thinking of ways I can give back, or how I can help others and bring happiness. This industry of entertainment, is a very ‘me, me, me’ industry, and I want to stay as humble as I can, while also feel worthy of what comes my way. Music has and will continue to change my life, and I want my music to hopefully change other’s lives as well.

When I was growing up, I never thought of myself as being a songwriter. However, I was constantly writing and I had many notebooks of written material and poetry. I had a friend in high school who was killed in an accident while on a mission trip and I wrote a poem about her in order to honor her, but also to express my emotions. I gave it to her parents as a gift. It ended up in our yearbook, and her parents wanted it engraved on her tombstone, but it was too long. It just shows how powerful words can be, and when you put it to a melody, it has such an ability to move people.

Original Music

After many years of singing songs and music from other songwriters and production companies, I started to feel a fire within me. Nothing ever felt ‘right’. The music I was singing, was good music, but not me. I didn’t like having to go in a studio, and have people tell me how they think I should sing. My voice has a tendency to be a chameleon and can morph in to many different styles of music, which can be a good and bad thing. It is great as a singer to be able to sing whatever. But, it is not good as an artist. As an artist, you really have to hone in on who you are, what your voice sounds like, and what you want to say as an artist. I eventually had to basically say, “f*** it. I can do that” (about songwriting), and believe in myself enough to think I can come up with songs that would be good enough to compete with professional songwriters in the industry. After all, there really aren’t any rules in music. And as long as it sounds good to the ear, follow your gut. So that is what I did.

I started to believe in myself as a songwriter. That made me more than just a singer. I became an artist with original music of what I wanted to say.

Aspiring Artists

The best advice I can give is to never give up on your music. With that being said, know what you are good at. If you are a better singer than a songwriter, stick with singing, but choose to sing songs that actually mean something to you. In order to have longevity, you have to not be too trendy and stand out. If you are a better songwriter, stick to that and really hone your craft. Songwriters are necessary in this business, and there is a long career to be had if you keep it up. Be honest with yourself, and you will go far if you know where and your talent is.

New Music

New music is on the way! Each week, I am learning how to produce better music, so that I can make whatever song(s) I want, and decide which ones deserve to move forward. I cannot wait until I am at a level where I can finally say “I made it” or “I did it”! All those years of hard work, money, tears, struggles, and no’s will finally all have paid off. It is already almost at that point. Plus, God has already blessed me!

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