Rough Demos | Which is your favorite?

Alright guys! So I have been a little mad scientist in my room at home coming up with some rough song demos. Some are ‘rougher’ than others, but I wanted to let you listen, tell me your thoughts, and tell me which is your favorite.

All those squeaky clean songs you hear on the radio have a bunch of people making them sound awesome, and people who have years of experience putting out hit after hit.

THESE ARE ROUGH DEMOS. They will not be like what you hear on the radio; they are not mixed; they do not have vocals that have been auto tuned or compressed; they may sound like they have different volume levels to different parts of the song. – exclude “Predator” – that was done professionally.

Please comment below and let me know what your favorite song(s) – if any – are! These songs are not set in stone and you will not hurt my feelings.


  • Hurt You
  • Worth
  • Love Me
  • Champion
  • Key Of D
  • Predator

Comment below with your favorite song! All are 100% written and produced by me, Christie George.

5 thoughts on “Rough Demos | Which is your favorite?

  1. I briefly ran through the 5 top songs and the “Key of D” I really like.
    When I have more time I will definitely listen to all of them completely.

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