Christie George

To say I am excited about my new site, does not quite do it justice. Holy moly, am I excited!! I am wanting to share with you my love of music, fashion, lifestyle, and occasional photography and videography. I feel like it just all goes together, so there.

When I write a song, it has to come to life and get produced. In my head I see or envision a music video... which includes fashion and videography. It's all the creative and visual process. I put this website together, myself. I usually make the videos and edit them myself (unless it is the official music video for "Kiss My ATL Goodbye" - that had quite a few people involved). I style myself. I will photograph myself or hand my mom a camera and say " just hold the button down, Mom!" I get pimples myself. I finance my music myself.... I am a very hands-on person and I like to dig in and get the job done. If I can do it myself, I will.

I hopefully am one of the most 'real' people you will ever meet. I love making people laugh with my sense of humor, so I aim to make you chuckle here or there. I am inviting you on my journey to share in this exciting thing we call 'life'...


Music is something I have been working on since I was 12 years old. I love it, love it, love it. The past few years, I began believing in myself as a songwriter, which has turned in to learning how to produce my own music as well.

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Modeling & Fashion

Growing up in Georgia, I used to think Express was a big deal. Not to throw any shade at Express, but my  sense of style has definitely evolved. Now, I have fun mixing and matching clothes from different brands and price points.


And... scene! I have been involved in school plays and musicals since I was in kindergarten. So it is not my fault that I got the bug so early on. Thankfully, I have had some success in the industry, and always striving for more!

Hear me talk fashion and how I integrate it into my music video for "Kiss My ATL Goodbye"

Watch the Official Music Video for "Kiss My ATL Goodbye"

Live Performance

January 26, 2017